Who We Are

We are the European Network of Ecodesign Centres (ENEC).

Our current member organisations are all directly linked with regional government, which makes this network unique, ensuring a unique advisory role in offering guidance on ecodesign, from ‘policy to practice’, to regional, national and global policy-makers including the European Commission and United Nations.

The current members are:
OVAM (Flanders, Belgium)
Pole Eco-conception (Rhone-Alpes, France)
Effizienz-Agentur NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
EA (Switzerland)
Ihobe (Basque Country, Spain)
Ecodesign Centre (Wales, UK)

What We Do

  • Our mission is to openly exchange knowledge, experience and best practice on all aspects of ecodesign to ensure more companies make ecodesign happen.
  • Our focus is on stimulating demand for ecodesign, enabling ecodesign and making ecodesign happen.
  • We use the network as a platform to share knowledge, experience and best practice (e.g. policies, instruments, tools, services, case studies etc.) on all aspects of ecodesign, from regional policy development and delivery through to implementation in industry and education.


Don't miss out the french congress on ecodesign October 24& 25th. ENEC is there!

From left to right: Michael Niemczyk, Nadège Van Lierde, Evelyn Lafond, Julien Boucher 

This time we discover the office of our German members

23-24th October 2017
What are ENEC's goals for 2018? Lot of ideas on our yearly physical meeting in Duisburg, Germany, where partner EFA is located. One of the actions is to improve our communication. Instead of a one way newsletter, we want to be open for discussion on this LinkedIn page. So please follow us and don't hesitate to post your thoughts! 

On the picture from left to right: Evelyn (OVAM), Lisa (EFA), Julien (EA), Diarra (Pôle Eco-conception) and Michael (EFA).


NEW publication! Adopting a life cycle perspective through ISO14001: a game changer

3th July 2017

The ISO 14001 standard was extensively amended in 2015. This free guidance document intends to support companies and auditors in the adoption of the new standard and further promote ecodesign principles and applications. 


ENEC meets potential members on the French Congress 'Towards the new green business models!' 

4th May 2016, St- Etienne, France
From left to right: Katie (Wales), Pere (Catalonia), Martin (UK), Diarra (France), Julien (Switzerland), Samuel (France), Evelyn (Belgium) and Michael (Germany) 
Even modern communication technology requires sometimes to meet personnaly...


EA, the Swiss ecodesign Centre, becomes a new member of ENEC

June 2015, Lauzanne, Switzerland
Moving from environmental information to environment action is at the heart of the hearth of EA’s raison d’être. Founded in 2013 as a Swiss association with headquarters in Geneva, EA is acting locally to promote and disseminate ecodesign amongst Swiss SMEs. EA is also acting on a more global scale by exploring new approaches and inventing new tools to support environmental managers. 

Newsletter #5

In newsletter number 5 we present our new Swiss partner, show how to ecodesign in food, automotive, fashion sector and more. Download the newsletter

Ecolizer online for free

The Ecolizer is a ecodesign tool which measures the environmental impact of a product in a simple manner. The online version automatically calculates the product impact using current data (all our indicators were updated in August 2014). The Ecolizer provides a simple ‘at-a-glance’ summary of your results.

Are you excited to check out the brand new Ecolizer? www.ecolizer.be