ENEC 1st Anniversary Event

28th November 2013 in Brussels

In just one year, ENEC partners have reinforced the network’s foundations by co-developing our vision of ecodesign.

ENEC’s first year of activity has been fruitful. Through the delivery of two baseline studies, presenting exceptional examples of ecodesign in industry and co-ordinating a toolbox for ecodesign, ENEC are pushing the boundaries of knowledge on significant ecodesign issues.
The network’s successful first year is motivating and establishes an excellent basis for future work.

Our strategy for 2014 is focused on the development and delivery of vital research projects, to continue our internationally ground breaking research outputs. For example, the important results of the network’s Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) study provides leverage for policy-makers, to motivate the wider industrial community to become ecodesign active, as we prove that ecodesign pays dividends and makes financial sense.

During 2014 the network will accelerate its work in policy, education and industry to make ecodesign happen. In doing so, the network will draw on its wide-ranging expertise and networks on resource efficiency and the circular economy amongst others.

The following lists some key credentials of the ENEC partnership:

  • 51 companies in pilot projects
  • 465 company professionals trained yearly
  • More than 415 companies adopting ecodesign across 5 EU Regions
  • 19 year full time professionals ENEC
  • 6 international experts
  • 114 young professionals trained yearly
  • 21 projects developed and underway
  • 37 technical tools and methods developed
  • 11 research and development projects (3 international)
  • 18 regional and national cooperation agreements
  • 6 international alliances and networks

ENEC met on 27th and 28th of November in Brussels to celebrate our first anniversary.

We were honored by the presence of the European Commission and in particular the speech of DG Enterprise represented by Michael Bennet and Cesar Santos.

Further information on upcoming projects and outputs will be disseminated in the coming week.
For any queries please contact: ecodesign.enec@gmail.com


Margot JILET (CCIR Rhône-Alpes)
Highlights from ENEC’s first year – overview of activites
Dr Sharon PRENDEVILLE (Ecodesign Centre)
Ecodesign – according to ENEC
Samuel MAYER (Pôle Eco-conception)
Case studies on ecodesign
Vasco - Belgium
Orange Box - Wales
WRZ Ceramics Solutions - Germany
Eurotab - France

Diarra KANE (Pôle Eco-conception)
Study on the Cost Benefits of Ecodesign
Chris SANDERS (Ecodesign Centre)
Motivations for ecodesign
Michael BENNETT (European Commission - DG Entreprise)
The prospectives of ecodesign in Europe
The ENEC partnership
Michael NIEMCZYCK (Effizienz Argentur - EFA)
Closing adress and future steps